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Friday, February 02, 2007

Item 6

Following is the overblown, lightly edited document I wrote to fulfill the requirements of the state pertaining to home education registration.


Educational Program for L
Application for Registration for Home Education
Item 6

We have chosen to home educate L using a classical, or Great Books, format alongside a chronological study of history beginning with the ancients, and guided by the principle of multum non multa: not many things, but much.

Imaginative literature that has stood the test of time, fairy and folk tales, fables, myths, and poetry, will be utilized as a foundation. Along with the reading of the classics, L will be engaged in a writing program that utilizes selections from these same books and incorporates narration, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuation work, according to her ability.

Language skills will be further enhanced with an introductory study of Latin.

Mathematics will be taught using a combination of skill-appropriate workbooks and manipulatives, with emphasis placed on reasoning through use of story problems.

Science will consist of nature studies with observations and illustrations recorded in a journal, accompanied by research from appropriate guide and identification books.

History will be studied chronologically using readings from our spine texts and appropriate literary selections. Exposure to the arts and culture of the historical period studied will be accomplished through corresponding themed craft projects selected to capture her interest.

Participation in extracurricular activities including membership in local junior tennis club lessons will round out her need for social development and provide physical fitness opportunities.

Lessons will be short with an emphasis on excellent execution for focused attention and variation, and to enable L to enjoy creative free time. Character development will be a priority.


Aesop’s Fables
Children’s Illustrated Bible (DK)
A Child's Garden of Verses (Stevenson)
Mother Goose (Denslow)
Tanglewood Tales (Hawthorne)
The Blue Fairy Book (Lang)
The Red Fairy Book (Lang)
The Yellow Fairy Book (Lang)
A Wonderbook for Boys and Girls (Hawthorne)

Classical Writing – Aesop (Jaqua, Gustilo)
Prima Latina (Memoria Press)

Mathematics (Silver Burdett Ginn)

Handbook of Nature Study (Comstock)

Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times (Bauer)
Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times Activity Guide (Bauer)
Usborne Book of World History


Okay, multum non multa was meant to tweak their nose a bit, as in I'm so smart, I can toss Latin phrases around, and I bet you never heard of that principle, O, Administerial One, thus proving I am eminently capable of teaching my own child (and maybe am a pompous ass as well.)

In keeping with the principle, science will be studied when the mood strikes, not necessarily as an everyday lesson (like I've always done it: See something interesting, look it up, write it down if so inclined) though daily readings from Handbook will be attempted based on Elle's attention span.

Math is whatever I have on hand.

And truth be told, I'm not that crafty. Maybe we'll try the mummified chicken.

Tennis is only mentioned because I'm the secretary of the new tennis club, and if I've got to be there, so does she.

Queensland is reportedly the most difficult state in Australia in terms of home ed regulation. Aside from completing the forms -- your application is automatically provisionally accepted pending receipt of your official certificate -- you are only required to not have your child enrolled in any other government or non-government school, and produce an annual report detailing the progress of your student. Florida was more demanding.

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