Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


1) If there are 201 days in the school year and the math book has 136 pages less 2 pages of review per each of 4 ends of term, and only 24 pages of addition and subtraction problems scattered throughout a Grade 2 level book, when the power goes out, what is the probability Billy will still be counting on his fingers making change at the gas station 10 years later?

2) In Grade 7 Susie is learning organizational skills like keeping her desk neat, beginning 'connected writing,' working on group science projects where cooperation rather than accurate results is the goal, practicing for a school drama performance, discovering her multiple intelligences, attending student council events, planting, weeding, and mulching the new 'learning garden,' completing complicated home learning grids and corresponding evaluative matrices, focusing on good behavior, and setting learning and personal goals, and the school day is only 6 hours long, how much farther behind will Susie be academically at the end of the year than when she started?

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