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Thursday, March 08, 2007


After I wrote a very pleasant, "Thanks, but no thanks" response for the position of P&C President, Jorge and I attended the annual general meeting to participate in the election of a new board. My heart was light. I was off the hook.

Until sealed written nominations for the position of Vice-President were opened.


Speechless, someone suggested I take a moment to review the Help! I've Been Elected P&C Vice-President booklet listing the responsibilities of VP, which I eagerly grabbed, not truly considering, stalling, and finding a convenient hiding place for my burning red face.

They proceeded to open sealed nominations for Secretary.

Me, again.

By now my face was magenta.

Repeating the mantra in my head: I'm-homeschooling-my-daughter-I'm-already-secretary-of-the-tennis-club-I'm-homeschooling-my-daughter... I politely declined to the large group of people around the table staring at me, and stuck to my guns even after a very awkward, painfully prolonged period where other nominations were sought and finally extracted from the gathered masses.

If they had opened the nomination for Treasurer and read my name, I'm sure I would have either burst into hysterical laughter or keeled over.

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KathyJo said...

Perhaps you should have worn your "Public School Sucks" t-shirt.