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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not April Fool's Day

From high school newsletter detailing seminar offerings at the [Big City] Career Expo:

Buns away

Join us for a piping hot bakery workshop! Using prepared Swiss biscuits, try your hand at "piping" decorations on to baked goods. Third year bakery students will conduct a demonstration before assisting expo participants in getting their creations ready. And yes, your finished biscuit will leave the kitchen with you!

Ready, set, restaurant!

Learn how to professionally set tables with centrepieces and serviettes, plus the art of carrying plates and trays in an obstacle-filled restaurant. Participants will gain hands-on experience of folding serviettes and carrying glasses and plates.

Germ busters

In this interactive workshop, participants will use a special glitter bug potion and UV light to visually determine the effectiveness of their current handwashing technique. Grown cultures will be used for demonstration purposes.

Earn while you learn/...ship start your career

Interested in an apprenticeship or traineeship? Let our presenters walk you through the step by step process of gaining a placement. Discover the qualities that employers are looking for in prospective apprentices and what study is involved.

Cooking with gas

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a restaurant kitchen at this interactive workshop. TAFE third year apprentice chefs will assist participants to prepare a selection of dishes, such as sushi or pancakes, to eat or take away with them.

Flying high

Have you dreamt of travelling the world as a flight attendant? Come hear what airlines today expect of their flight attendants while listening to great stories from D_____ about his experiences.

Adrenaline junkie

Do climbing a mountain, kayaking down a fast flowing river or camping in the wilderness for days on end appeal to you? Join current Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation students in some of the fun activities used during adventure based learning sessions. Please note participants are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear eg PE gear.

From parking cars to dressing stars

Come and listen to L_____ S______, butler to the rich and famous, talk about his experiences. L_____ will discuss his rise from parking cars to department head and outline possible career opportunities available in the areas of Front Office and Concierge.

Barista extravaganza

This practical and fun workshop gives a short overview of the skills used by Baristas in today's coffee shops and will inspire a real passion for coffee and its appearance. Learn how to make 5 different coffee art designs, layer coffees, free-pour hearts, prepare silky coffee art milk and create different designs. Although you will be an observer when the coffee is being created, all will be welcome to participate in drinking the final product!

Click HERE for your exciting career

In this workshop students can see what it's like to study in cyberspace for a career in Hospitality or Tourism. These programs will see you with a Certificate II by the end of year 11 and a Certificate III by the end of year 12. Do it NOW!

Flair it up!

Observe the skills demonstrated by bar staff in preparing mixed drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Five methods of cocktail preparation will be demonstrated including blended, shaken, built, muddling and layered. Taste testing of non-alcoholic drinks a definite.


Sheila said...

Wow...no doctor's, nurses, dentists, engineers, or any science or math related careers in the bunch huh?

No teachers. No writers. No journalists. Not even secretaries.

That's just a bit scary.

Fiberjoy said...

The 3 E's: