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Friday, April 20, 2007

Poetry Friday II (Has it really been a week already?)



Okay, here's the story.

Without being directly admonished for any particular behavior, our landlady has indicated displeasure with us several times. We found another rental and were preparing to move, but when we gave our notice, phrased as needing more room so as to not burn any property-buying bridges, she assured us she would love for us to stay. For as long as we want. She insisted there were no problems, even with the dog, and told us if she did have any problems that she would be sure to let us know. So she's not intentionally making life miserable for us, she's just gets grouchy sometimes.

With Jorge preparing to leave the country for an extended period, the stress of moving at the last minute was more than I could take. I would rather put up with crabbiness for several months than pack up and shuffle all our belongings across town. Fortunately she made staying put feasible.

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