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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Because I finally made the connection that I had these filed away in my computer while studying the chapter on Alexander the Great, we made our paper model of the Pharos at Alexandria. This was such great fun we have to go back in time and work on the Great Pyramind and Hanging Garden models.

Warning: Do not attempt these without enlarging them 200-300%. The creators also suggest mounting them on cardboard stock. That's probably a really good idea, unless you are like me and prefer to ignore directions.

Lulu shows her approval.

The little boat (in the foreground) is the size of my pinky fingernail. I couldn't refocus my eyes for about fifteen minutes after we completed this.

For once I recognized a teachable moment (some of Megan's good example rubbing off, perhaps) when Elle commented she thought Mount Olympus must be higher than our local landmark mountain, Mt. D, and Mt. Olympus must be the tallest in the world since the gods lived there. We came home, looked up the various elevation measurements and learned it would take 2.5 Mt. D's to equal Mt. Olympus the highest in the Greek world, but 3 Mt. Olympus to equal 1 Mt. Everest. Excelsior!

Elle received this cool crystal kit as a thank-you for guinea pig sitting. After leaving it overnight, here is what we found this morning...

...and hours after the manufacturer's 12-hour time limit, when we thought it would be completed, we found this...

See? Instructions are always optional.

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Megan Bayliss said...

WOW! The model is fantastic. The Christmas Crystal is amazing. Let the friends know I'm up for Guinea Pig sitting next time.
Hope all is going well.
Take care