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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Principal: Will Elle be joining us again next year?

Teacher 1: Is Elle coming back to us next year?

Teacher 2: How's her homeschooling going? Will you be putting her back in school next year?

Teacher 3: Elle is welcome to join her old classmates for Fun Fridays. Would you like that, honey?

Parents 1 - 10: Think you'll put her in next year?

Was this mere curiosity, misplaced concern, or outright subterfuge I wondered to my Witness friend. She believed it was an organized effort to get Elle back into the system and identified the one behind it all:


That makes sense then. He must also be behind Education Queensland's hellish annual reporting process.


Becky said...


Apparently we scandalized a number of families yesterday, what with two children dressed as Dracula (a la Bela Lugosi) and the third with devil's horns sprouting through her blonde hair...

What can I say? The devil made me do it ;)

KathyJo said...

If you can explain modern public schools in a way that doesn't include Forces of Darkness, I'm willing to listen. ;)