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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too Easy

So, after Elle slapped her gambling profits down on The Wonders of Egypt, A Course in Egyptology, a beautifully illustrated, intriguing, and factual book, by the way, and after I completed my annual homeschooling report and detailed our plans for next year, but before I could implement any of my new ideas (because I have admittedly fallen into the trap of believing there is an actual time frame our education must follow as dictated by the authorities at Education Queensland) most notably the use of the Commonplace Book, Elle asked me if we could go buy her a "special notebook" so she could write down some of the important things she found in her Egypt book.

And we're off...!

Check out other offerings from the publishers at Ologyworld.

1 comment:

sheila said...

Oh, my daughter has this very same book. It's lovely. I usually have to pry it out of her hands and night, after she's fallen asleep, and turn out her light.

cheers / sheila