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Monday, December 10, 2007

From The Stacks -- Update

A little more forethought back when I signed up would have eliminated this need to alter my reading plan:

God's War: A New History of the Crusades, as much as I want to read it, particularly before we begin our tour of the Middle Ages, at 1040 pages and 3.4 lbs. is simply not going into my carry-on.

A Child's History of the World, technically one of our school books, doesn't make the grade seeing as we will be officially on vacation.

Meanwhile, I plug away at and thoroughly enjoy Middlemarch, a book a British acquaintance took note of as we sat waiting for our kids' tennis lessons to finish. In response to her question how it was going, I replied that I didn't think I would ever get through it. "Oh, too hard?" "Uh, no, just the constant interruptions", I answered as tactfully as possible.

The Subtle Knife is finished and we are halfway through The Amber Spyglass. I hope to finish the last book in the trilogy before we leave, though the going is much slower due to holiday shopping, packing, and house-moving packing going on simultaneously.

I've lost interest in reading Utopia, once again, and besides, it's already been packed into one of the ten or so boxes of books creating a navigation hazard on my living room floor.

But, in the spirit of the challenge, I've begun re-reading Morris Berman's The Twilight of American Culture.

And I'll surely find something worth reading on my Florida shelves.

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KathyJo said...

I haven't been reading anything lately except for reading aloud to the boys, which probably explains some of the choices that I'm making regarding mine and Jared's read aloud time. :} Oddly (for me, because I have trouble reading ancient dead dudes), I picked up The Republic recently and I'm loving it, only I never seem to get to read more than two pages at a time. I'm wondering if Jared can handle THAT as a read aloud. I think we're going to at least give it a try so that I will finally get more than 12 pages into it.

I keep seeing people mention Middlemarch, and every time I think about going and buying it.