Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My annual homeschooling report and plans for next year were graded. On a matrix. How standardized. How inconsistent with independent learning. How far from homeschooling.

Thinking outside the box cannot be evaluated within a framework of boxes.

And in reply to the puzzled comment by our evaluator: I will never again assume that you would understand the relevancy of a photo of Elle holding an object and clearly captioned “[Elle] displaying model of the Pharos at Alexandria” submitted to you as a sample of her ancient history studies, and will be sure to make the connections more obvious for you next time. Or, maybe you could have Elle explain it to you, except that real learning is all about making those connections on your own.


Lori said...

i realize this must be incredibly frustrating for you - but thanks for the laugh - i needed it this morning!

Bayberry Roost said...

I am so glad we are past homeschooling evaluations, done forevermore.

Where did the time go?