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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Cone of Uncertainty

It's hanging over my head. Sort of looks like a dunce cap, doesn't it?

Tropical Storm Fay: You can actually see this cone graphically projected continuously on any South Florida news station and it's raining on our parade, threatening Jorge's travel plans. Will it develop into a full-blown hurricane? Will it follow its current projected path? Will it flatten our unsellable but fully insured house? Could we be so lucky?

Rental House: The owner of the rental house I left a deposit on is now considering putting it on the market for sale instead. Needs a week to think about it. There is another house available immediately, an older crummier house on a barren lot in a lesser neighborhood, and though I'm no fan of new development, cookie cutter houses, they are the same price so I'd prefer the sterile, contemporary, landscaped one. Will she decide in our favor? How much longer will our current landlord put up with us?

Elle: This uncertainty more approaches dread. Jorge is planning to fly her back with him when he returns to the States for a couple months. I might have lost my mind. I certainly will when she is gone. But, fair enough, he misses the girls terribly and Elle is the only one not stuck to a school schedule. What about her studies? What will I do without her? What will she do without me> Will it be 24 hour TV, Toontown, and takeout? Will she even want to come back?

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

-- Lewis Carroll

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Becky said...


I was thinking of you tonight while fixing dinner and listening to the news with the latest on Fay; I assume the CBC gives hurricane season good coverage because of all the snow birds...

Eek about Elle and T3, though Lewis Carroll is right, and all roads leads to home, too, especially with Jorge there. And she's a smart cookie. I can't imagine Tom without the kids around, or vice versa. Just tell her not to have too much fun without you :)