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Thursday, October 02, 2008


A response to the senders of the excessively stupid and numerous emails clogging my inbox:

Recommendations Concerning the Upcoming Presidential Election

1) Check your sources. Bill Cosby didn't say that. And neither did Andy Rooney. Ditto for the Book of Revelations. Snopes.com is a good place to start. You know Snopes, it's the link I send in response to most of your emails. Bookmark it and use it before you think about forwarding some piece of bigotted hate mail to me. Snopes advises you don't simply rely on them either. Do your homework. Find primary sources to check the veracity of these stories. Don't bear false witness.

2) Think about it. If Revelations, the prophecy told to John by Jesus, is true, the Antichrist will be a world leader come to power after fooling everyone with talk of peace. If you vote for McCain, then he is the Antichrist and has fooled you as well. If you think Obama is the Antichrist and are voting for McCain in order to defeat the wicked one, then you must believe you can alter God's pre-ordained plan. See you in Hell!

3) Stay home November 4th.

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