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Friday, January 16, 2009

So Proud

You may have seen this Durex ad already, it was developed for Canadian and European television markets and intended as a viral campaign as well. So I'm just doing my part.

This is what my brother sits around all day doing. He is the head CGI animator for Superfad in the Manhattan office and this is his baby. I must say, the animation is fanastic. The content? Well, before you watch it, make sure there are no little ones peeking over your shoulder.

Outtakes here.


Becky said...

Oh my stars! You're right, good thing I'm home alone (Tom is out to dinner with the kids). I'll show him when I know they're asleep.

Your brother did a masterful job!

Maureen said...

Your mother must be so proud!My mother would wonder what they were doing.