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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Schoolwork as usual. Nothing new to report there. What I have been keeping busy with, aside from a week-long break when my Boston cousin and her family came for a visit, is filling out forms. I'm working on Australian passports for myself, Sarabelle, and Grice, and an application for a new charter school for Grice.

Yeah, we homeschool, but we're not afraid of using the public system, or any other system for that matter, when it works for us. While we were away, Florida absorbed its community colleges into the state university system, so we now have a real state college not too far from our house here. That's where I tried to get Sarabelle in as a dual enrollment homeschool student but courses weren't any available until the spring term. This particular college is currently taking applications for a collegiate high school charter opening in the fall. One hundred ninth graders will be accepted the first year. At the end of the four year program students will not only earn their high school diploma, but will graduate with a full associates degree. Grice is interested, but only if her two best homeschool buddies get in. Right now, if there are 100 or fewer applications, everyone is admitted, and if it goes over 100, students will be selected in a lottery. My biggest concern was about transportation because though it's in our county, it's as far away as it's possible to be. But since this is a county public school, students will be bused. Yay!

Deadline for applications is March 20. Students will be notified of acceptance by April 1.

Stay tuned...

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