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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp Reports

Sarabelle is up in the northern part of the state, or, as she first referred to it on her Facebook status, "Tallastupidhassee," at the 4-H Legislature, and here are the texts I've received so far:

Monday - We r basically at the place so tell dad ok

Monday - This is gay I want to come home loads of weirdos and nerds and I don't get what I'm supposed to be doing I haaaaaaaaaate thissssssss but yay for sat and sun don't ever make me do this again ok? Love [Sarabelle]

Tuesday - This sucks I hate it and want to come hooooome its so boring it makes me hate politics so much

Wednesday - [Upon receiving word about our given-up-for-dead cat] DID ORLANDO COME BACK??!!?? ps everything is better now I got picked to be an assistant to the secretary of senate which is what I wanted so yayayayayayayay but ya did he come back??? love [Sarabelle]

Meanwhile, Elle is at kayak camp this week with a friend. The wind was gusty Monday and Tuesday which limited their adventuring somewhat, and today's fishing trip looked promising with hardly a breeze this morning, though the wind has since picked up and we are getting some much-needed rain. Grice was able to slide out of kayak camp, her spot given to Elle's friend, as we were awaiting the results of a series of back x-rays. She's been officially diagnosed with scoliosis, how bad I don't know until we can get up to Shriner's for a more in-depth look. She's got a friend camping out at our house for a few days to keep her occupied.

Later next month, all three will be going away to Camp Cloverleaf with 4-H...

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Carole said...

2001 -- obviously the book, NOT the movie -- is an interesting read. More interesting if you're interested in the way books are turned into films when the author has some control over the script.

Additionally, shouldn't every kid read It, The Shining and The Stand!