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Friday, October 09, 2009


I just compared the calendar to my OCD homeschool spreadsheet, and it appears that we have completed 54 days of homeschooling to my other daughter's 44 days of public schooling. So even though I feel dreadfully lax and behind (yeah, I know, behind what?), we are officially ahead!

Which is good, because things here are set to get a little crazy again if all goes according to plan.

We're moving again.

Wait, wait, wait! Before you think we've completely lost our minds, this time it is only across town. Back to the sweet little city we lived in during the catastrophic events of Friday the 13th 2004. What remained of the city has since been rebuilt and restored and a new downtown riverwalk is underway. Prices of houses left standing after Charley were at a premium as people scrambled to find lodging while rebuilding and then the real estate bubble inflated prices even higher. We had always hoped to find a reasonable house in the historic district, I have always wanted to be in a walkable, small downtown neighborhood, and now finally with the downturn in the economy we may be able to realize those dreams. This might finally be our Forever Home.

It makes it much easier for Grice's morning routine, allowing her to reach school in the time it now takes us just to get to the bus stop and eliminates the additional one hour bus ride altogether. We are three blocks from the wonderful riverside park where our homeschool group meets and close to all our best buddies.

Sarabelle has been apprised of the situation to avoid the unfortunate circumstance my father encountered when he returned from the service: His family had moved in the time he was away, letters crossed in the mail, and when he knocked on the door of his childhood home it was answered by a complete stranger.

I was going to try Meg's exercise, listing all the places I have ever lived. But then I had trouble remembering... Some places we'd bought and never lived in, some places we rented and planned to buy (sometimes twice), some places we intentionally forfeited deposits on to get out of what had become a shaky deal, some were only vacant lots, and some were vacant lots with house plans we'd developed. The list was hard to define. And long.

And maybe just got longer.

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