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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Park Day

Our homeschool park day was rescheduled from yesterday to today, Saturday, and though we were in town and working at the new house only two or three blocks away, we decided to pass. Part of it, well, probably most of it, was me being stubborn. The new leader couldn't make it, had to work, and rather than just let someone else, or no one else be in charge as we have done for the past, oh, seven years or so -- the First Friday meeting being sacrosanct -- she took it upon herself as Grand Poobah to change the date.

Elle and I took Lulu and Asha and went to the dog park instead.

And what fun we had! We met Oliver the Newfoundland, Finn the Irish Wolfhound, Marley the one-eyed Pomeranian, the lady I'd met the night before at the bookstore with her service dog, and so many more. It was a great place to get to know the neighbors, both two- and four-legged. Only three blocks from the house, it's the best park of its kind I've been to yet: separate yards for big and small dogs, plenty of trees, pavilions, clean-up stations, water fountains, tennis balls, even a pool. Lulu and Asha were a little overwhelmed and cautious (they switched off, one staying nearby me at all times to 'protect' me from all the other canines), though I'm sure they'll be plenty excited when we go next time.

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