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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day

Found out just a little too late (like an hour ago when a friend posted pictures on her Facebook page) that there was a big opening ceremony today downtown at the harborside park for the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. There was a parade this past Saturday and I figured that was all the commemorating the city had planned. We were working on the house today, of course, (and that "we" is not the I-showed-Jorge-pictures-and-read-a-book-on-the-porch-while-he-slaved "we," I got filthy helping remove ceiling grids and hauling debris out, 1,000 lbs. according to the dump scale) and were treated to fly-bys from several WWII aircraft in conjunction with the Wall ceremony. You know what Larie and I will be doing tomorrow...

After visiting the display, I'm going back to work, attacking the landscaping with a machete and loppers. The stranglers and other vines are out of control and there are a couple long-neglected mango and citrus trees that need my attention. Then we'll pick Grice up from school and run up to Tampa for her follow-up appointment at Shriners'. It's going to be a long day.

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