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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Time to wrap it up. Packing to head over to my parents' for the night and then flying out tomorrow afternoon for Australia.

Or, rather, I should be packing, but with a week full of helping Grice study for early exams squeezed in after school and completing a major science fair project and remembering to shop for one or two small gifts for Santa to deliver and packing and moving more crap from our old house and Grice setting the alarm clock and inadvertently messing up the time setting so that the alarm went off this morning at 1:30 AM but told us it was 5:45 AM and we were up and dressed before we realized the error, I'm of a mind to sit here on the internet and wait for my clothes to jump in the suitcases by themselves. I'll be sure to post a clip of it on YouTube if it happens.

Going light, bringing my trusty Mac, my iPhone (which will do everything I need it to do except actually make phone calls), and a couple changes of clothes. That's more than I need for nearly a month away.

I'm planning to pick up with posts over on Road Schola while we're traveling, but in case I don't see you over there, I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday.

See you next year.

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