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Friday, May 07, 2010


First it was 1,000 gallons. Then they upped it to 5,000. Now estimates of the oil gushing from the Deepwater Horizon well are 200,000 gallons. Per day. And as they drop the containment chamber over the biggest vent, seventeen days later, there are worries that this procedure could cause further damage by blowing out smaller adjacent leaks making it worse.

Tony Hayward, BP's CEO, seems to have magnanimously done an about-face after an infuriating interview I heard on the BBC days ago where he stated, “This was not our accident...This was not our drilling rig. This was not our equipment. It was not our people, our systems, or our processes. This was Transocean’s." Class act, Tony, blame your subcontractors, except legally, the general contractor is ultimately responsible.

How about the news that the formulas for various dispersants being employed on the surface are unknown even to the EPA? Trade secrets. Proprietary information. Bull. Shit.

Today's reports finally mentioned the presence of deep water cross-currents which may explain why only a tiny fraction of the oil has been accounted for on the surface. Much of it may be swirling around in different directions, potentially ending up in the Caribbean.

All those endangered loggerhead hatchlings we helped on their way, good luck to them.

Time to get back on the bike.

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