Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


To anybody who has known us for a few years, this will come as no surprise...

Here's where we're at: One closing down, two to go. The second closing is the critical one, and today the call came. It doesn't look good, the buyers' financing fell apart.

If we can't get this second deal to close, we can't close the third, which is the purchase of the aforementioned adequately-sized house. Boo. We all fell instantly in love with this beautiful, historic Mediterranean Revival, and left a hefty non-refundable deposit. Ouch.

So, our plans may change. Again.

The plan du jour: We stay here at the island, screen in the porch, tack on a quick addition and start putting up accessory buildings.

Certainly not a bad option to fall back on. This is a pretty perfect place to live and homeschool, that's for sure. The two years we spent out were great, except for the fact that G could only visit on weekends due to his work commitments. But he's finally available, so we could be a full-time family this time around.

We just need MORE ROOM, or, more specifically, more bookshelves.

I am sooooo ready to get back on track with our studies.

We'll see what happens...