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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Curriculum Envy

I caught myself doing it again yesterday. While packing up the bookshelves and doing some necessary culling, I started taking a second look at some of the materials I've accumulated. "Oh, maybe we should switch back to this for Grammar...", "Maybe we could combine these..." And when I listed a few goodies on TWTM Swap Board, I actually found myself shopping again.

[Sound of brakes squealing]

No way! There's a reason these items have been taking up valuable shelf space for so long. There's a reason we prefer, say, Easy Grammar to Abeka. I'm not going to get caught in the trap of always looking for the 'perfect' curriculum. Need a more rigorous Grammar course? Maybe, but this one works for now. Besides, I already own Harvey's when we get to that point. I refuse to use two or more complementary Math programs; one is enough. And I don't care if it's fun or not. Was Math fun when you were going to school? Bet you still learned it. Should it be fun? Can Math ever really be fun?

Can you tell I've read Amusing Ourselves to Death?

Anyway, I'm not second-guessing myself anymore. Careful research and planning was already done, with materials selected for their completeness and ease of transition and preparation for advanced courses. That's not to say, I'm not open to new ideas. In fact right now, one of my favorite 'new' ideas is the return to a fundamental, autodidactic education along the lines of Ben Franklin's. I simply will not waste anymore time obsessively debating the pros and cons of every single curriculum out there. The first step is to wean myself from habitually visiting TWTM's Curriculum Board.

OK, rant over, back to packing.

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