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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Et cetera

My poor brother, (yes, I finally spoke with him, and yes, I was even sensitive and supportive) is again in the midst of nasty legal maneuvers with his ex-wife.

He was told the girls' relocation to England was scheduled for the spring. The official date was just made known to him via the attorney: February 28. Obviously, education is not a priority of my ex-SIL, who has yanked the girls out of two other schools already this past year, and who has them believing that February 28 is spring.


My older girls have been invited to join their grandparents on a train trip up to NJ to see their beloved cousins one more time before they head overseas. I don't know if this is going to happen or not, yet. We had already planned a grand field trip with the grandparents, in the springtime, up the east coast to visit as many colonial American sites as possible, culminating in a visit with the cousins, who were to join us on the return for a visit to Washington DC. It won't be the same...


My girls saved me from a load of guilt this past week. Our big project for colonial studies was quilting. What the !@#$% was I thinking?! I'm a little crafty, but have no patience once I've mastered a skill. I seriously thought I was going to complete two lap quilts, simultaneously, before the end of the year!

Out of the blue, S and G decided to sew a ragdoll for their little sister. "Sally Mae" is extremely cute and I will post a picture as soon as possible.