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Friday, January 16, 2004

What is taking so long?!

My laptop has been in the shop for about a week and half now. I have been waiting to hear if all my documents (all those elaborate spreadsheets of school plans and booklists and oh, I don't even want to think about it...) and portfolio pictures could be retrieved and saved. Oh sure, as each of my systems began shutting down, I was lucky to rescue family photos, but was I quick enough to save years worth of digital photography work? Nope. Looks like I might end up with my old manual 35mm and real B&W film again -- at least I'll have something to show for it. Also looks like my younger brother, who has been waiting two years for his wedding present, a totally fabricated, Photoshop portrait of the happy couple and all six flower girls, meant to be handcolored, will have to wait a little longer. Or maybe I'll just actually spring for a gift; it sure would be easier to buy a place setting in their china pattern (and probably appreciated more by them anyway...) No news is NOT good news.

On the up side, I have, quite possibly, the coolest mother-in-law, who has given me a spare laptop in the interim because she knows the importance of staying online. One day though, I will get mine back and start loading some pictures onto this blog and updating the linked webpages.

Which brings me to: How to customize this blog. It's so standard-issue. The large type is driving me crazy and the italic is much too distorted. The limited CSS info available via Blogger isn't helping. Tips appreciated. BTW, said MIL once gave me a book on HTML code...thought I would have fun with it. Shoulda paid more attention.

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