Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Friday, January 30, 2004


The death of common sense goes hand in hand with the unparenting and general rudeness that was discussed yesterday on the board. The exact same scenario as MFS described played itself out during G's gymnastic exhibition a few months back. I did manage to get a peek at my daughter though, after I vacated my front row seat and stood in the back -- easier to see over all the amateur cinematographers. First of all, I couldn't figure out where all these proud parents had come from, most had never been to a lesson. There were a few I recognized from practices: The horrible nasal lady who would loudly drone on her cell phone the entire time; the lady with the toddler who flopped around on the mats, despite the posted rules and withering looks from the well-behaved; the lady whose ceaseless conversation was always about either shopping or "the O.C. -- the best show in the whole world since Falcon's Crest went off the air!" Sad.

The only consolation for MFS is that she gets to regularly enjoy her daughter's hard work during each and every regular performance, not just the big one. That must count for something.

Both S and G have expressed their disgust at the behavior of parents and participants at several of their group activities, and except for gymnastics, have chosen to pursue individual sports (swimming, tennis, and golf), which is just fine with me.

What is wrong with these people?


Science Friday was a hit. The girls drew and took notes on the structure of atoms and molecules, and we did four experiments. I plan to follow the guide from the Microchem 5000 and supplement with information from DK's Eyewitness Science Chemistry.

My chemistry lesson for the day was: Methylene Blue Dye is a very bad thing.


S is being a highly dramatic prepubescent today. She needs some space, man, so she's sitting outside, on the boat, in the rain, reading The Hobbit.