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Friday, January 23, 2004

Worthy of a U-turn

Driving up to my parents' house today, to temporarily store some clothes during our move, I mentioned to the girls how I just realized that my eyes were starting to go, now that I'm officially approaching the top of the hill...(shudder) Not blurry, but not their usual sharp focus. No sooner had I finished saying that, when I thought I saw a man biking towards us, with a hamster on his head. Yup, that's what it looked like. I told the kids and they howled. First chance I had, I whipped the car around and went back for a second look. It was a guy, with some sort of rodent, riding on top of his head. I have witnesses.

This one goes in the file along with the five guys we saw at an intersection, removing a flat tire from their car's rim, with a chainsaw.

See? Life in South Florida has its up-side, too.