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Monday, February 02, 2004

Kicked out

I got the boot from our local homeschool support group, sort of. They posted a new rule yesterday, intended to spur participation, that if you do not actively attend at least one of the scheduled events in a three month period, you will be deleted from the group mailing list. When we were able, we'd occasionally join the craft class, or visit the park day on alternate weeks, when it was in our neighborhood. This was not enough, I guess, so, I advised them this morning that we are unable to dedicate any more time to the group and will cease to be members.

That's OK. So far their field trips have included two visits to Chuck E. Cheese, one to Krispy Kreme and one to Rainforest Cafe (the latter presumably to learn about the rainforest, the first two locations, who knows.) Call me Howard Hughes, but I hate, and I use that word sparingly, those horrible, kiddy carnival germ factories, and besides, my kids have been to the rainforest. A real one.

I was already planning to use our imminent relocation as an opportunity to leave, lest you think "sour grapes," because the main topics of conversation on the list for the last few months have focused on tattoos (both the children's and parents'), the parents' sex life, what are the best mood enhancing drugs to feed yourself and your children, and at what optimal dosages. Not much homeschooling support there. This gave me the perfect out.

Back to being a support group of one.

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