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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday

Bah humbug.

We're not a TV sports-watching kind of family. It is always fun to attend sporting events, but purely as an exercise in people watching. It's hard to beat the entertainment value of watching sports fans (just thinking of auto racing fans brings a big smile to my face -- cars, driving around in circles, for HOURS, that always brings out the creme de la creme.) Hmmm, my last big game? 1985 when the Dolphins ruined the Bear's chance at tieing their 1972 undefeated season record, Monday Night Football, the crowd so loud the players couldn't hear the plays being called, THAT was fun.

The only interest today's game holds for us is waiting for the final score, because we have a few bucks in a pool that G's guys have going and because Survivor will finally be on. The halftime entertainment, ick. Marching bands making goofy patterns on the field are way better than whoever, whatever shows up this evening. And the commercials? We usually watch for these, since my brother, a CGI (Computer Generated Image) artist, usually has one he's worked on scheduled to run during the game, but not this year.

How many hours is this thing?

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