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Saturday, February 21, 2004

SW Florida Media

Because we have a TV with rabbit ears and spotty reception, these days I get most of my news from the Internet. Our local CBS affiliate comes in clearest, so that's what I watch if I need a weather forecast. The coverage used to drive me crazy. After years of Miami's slick, cranked-up, Newsplex-style, I had to put up with leash law and road closure stories. Hokey, hometown stuff. National? International? Forget it. G would call me up and ask if I had heard about the latest Big News Story. Nope, not here.

Bowling For Columbine made the point that all factors considered, it is the American media which creates and perpetuates our culture of fear and violence. I think it was Neil Postman in Amusing Ourselves to Death, who said that real news is only that which actually effects you, causing you to alter your plans in some way.

This is certainly the real thing.

Aside from watching the weather occasionally, I usually skip the local news, but I have developed a new appreciation of their coverage. By promoting good news, they have eliminated the anxiety promoted in other markets.

Tonight, prime time, they were broadcasting, live, the Edison Festival of Lights Parade from Fort Myers. I love it.

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