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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Waffle No More

G was at his favorite store, Home Depot yesterday, purchasing the materials to complete the screened porch addition, when our realtor, Bob, called us with yet another full price offer. Quick closing, cash. Since G was in sell mode, he reshelved his plywood and headed over to Bob's office to set the terms. I was trying to hide my disappointment at his decision, after ditching school and spending a picture perfect day at the beach with the girls, but I just wanted him to be happy.

My husband, in addition to being a builder, also has his real estate license and comes from a family of realtors and developers, so he just can't help himself when it comes to checking out the market. Bob showed him several projects that are getting underway in our immediate vicinity. Well, that's all it took. We're staying.

G had been worried about job prospects. Yeah, we've got a high quality of life out here, but we'd be struggling financially. G wants to reduce his stress level, get out of contracting, and had been considering operating a barge service. We'd be lucky to keep the lights on.

Supposedly this place is ready to bust wide open. Investors plan to create a new Naples or Palm Beach in our little ol' corner of the world. Not that I want that...but it sure makes earning a living a whole lot easier.