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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Honor System

Thinking, initially, that we would be out on the island for only approximately two weeks, I brought a minimum of clothing with us, and with our weekend jaunt to Ft. Lauderdale, there was no opportunity to do laundry, so today we were fresh out of clean clothing.

Guess what I did today. Woohoo.

I left instructions with G, that the girls absolutely, positively had to at least finish their reading and history while I was out. Well, imagine my surprise when I returned to find that S had helped her sister with her math and Latin, and they had both done their grammar and logic in addition to the mandatory assignments. Awwwwww, they're such good girls.

While I was out, G had me stop by Home Depot where I made a complete fool of myself, when he had me pick up some "door stop." He needed one 3 ft. and two 7 ft. pieces. This type of wood trim is sold in 12 ft. lengths, so he explained over the Nextel, that there is a table where I can measure and cut it. Oh. Now, I am not one to play damsel in distress, but I looked pretty pathetic, and some old man who spoke German ended up helping me. Before he came along, I was trying to juggle three 12 ft. pieces of wood (yeah, I know, I only needed two...), a tape measure, and a hand saw, while clenching my purse between my knees; clenching it so tightly in fact, that I kept pressing the call button, causing my husband to think I was trying to reach him, so that the sound of his slightly annoyed voice kept squawking out from my purse. And the store was packed. I was lucky that I made it out of there without whacking someone in the head with my lumber. There were several near misses.


G spent the evening changing out our front door from an old aluminum piece of junk to a glass louvered one. It's very strange. It looks like the door is open, and several times I've caught myself about to yell at the kids for leaving it ajar.

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