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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I wasted most of today on the internet researching Mexico and it's all my friend Sam's fault. She found a house down there that she desperately wants and is trying to finagle some financing. Of course, she thinks the area would be just perfect for us too. She's as nutty as we are.

Sam changes her mind about where to live about as often as we do, but I think she's serious this time because she's taking Spanish lessons.


The politics on our little island are heating up. There's talk of sewer and water coming, maybe a real road to replace the sand track, changes in channel locations, slower speed limits for boats, a land base to eliminate our dependence on marinas... There's a been a steering committee formed. I'm not sure who's driving or where we're headed, but development is inevitable. It's just deciding how far you want to go.

I am for keeping this place low key, that's the charm of it, but obviously water and sewer are going to increase property values, and certainly make life a little easier. A shell road for emergency vehicle access doesn't seem like a problem.

One of our virulently anti-development neighbors has been getting nasty lately, though. Little things here and there, until yesterday when she chased off a buyer for one of Sam's Gulf front lots. I suppose they don't want someone building a big house right next door to them, and I suppose they don't want to buy it for themselves either. To say Sam was pissed would be putting it mildly. The nasty neighbor is, unfortunately, our area representative for the new property owners group that's been organized. Today the busybody started harassing some workers cleaning brush from Sam's lot, asking about permits and such. That's the last thing we want, feuding neighbors. We came out here specifically to get away from that stupidity, and now find ourselves right in the midst of it.

All of this reminds me of a very funny Carl Hiaasen story, Sick Puppy, which could have been written about this place, and my friend, Alex, who could be the female equivalent of the character Twilly Spree (except for the trust fund.)


Speaking of Alex, where has she disappeared to? No emails, so she must be off the grid. Hog hunting? Jail?

Don't make me call your mother, Alex...

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