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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Time Warp

Lots of griping about the time change going on.

I just got up a few minutes ago (yeah, go ahead and check the time of this post) and am very glad that I can live by my internal clock rather than the one staring at me in the morning -- or early afternoon, or whatever time I can finally drag myself off the futon -- admonishing me for such slovenly behavior. The only downside is our new glass front door, that allows visitors an unobstructed view of what a lazy slob I really am. If I had a schedule to keep, I'd be in big trouble.

Someone wondered the other day if the email that arrived from me around 4:00 AM was a Yahoo glitch, or was I really up that late. I don't know. I could've been up. My laptop's clock consistently runs three hours behind, in spite of my attempts to fix it, so it often doesn't feel that late.

Last night I was up several times, awakened by scary wildlife sounds (did I mention that I've seen a bobcat twice recently?) and later had to break up a raccoon fight over the cat food container we accidentally left outside. Then I locked myself out and had to hunt around in the dark until I could find the secret hidden key.

(Yawn) No wonder.

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