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Monday, April 12, 2004

A perfect day for reading

We had a little rain late in the evening yesterday, first time I can remember it ever raining on Easter, and some severe weather this morning. All my orchids are outside, enjoying a good soaking and fresh air, and we are all inside, snuggled up, enjoying our books.

G has finished her last history reading for the year and is busy writing a summary in her notebook, while S is about 1/3 of the way through Yankee Doodle Boy. S still has to get through The Great Little Madison, but she's a fast reader, so no worries about not finishing before our trip.

The rest of today shall be occupied with our various read-alouds.


We successfully staved off all holiday invites, and had a very low-key Easter. S and I took a long walk down to the south end of the island, while G took the other two to grocery shop for a proper dinner, and by the laundromat for a quick load of sheets and blankets after L's late-night gastrointestinal mishap. Aside from some chocolate treats, it was business as usual.


Back to the books...

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