Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Saturday, April 10, 2004

And now, something pertaining to homeschooling for a change...

Our security level has been raised from Green (Low), to Blue (Elevated), because our trouble-making neighbor, with whom until now we have maintained a friendly relationship, has asked what I deemed an odd, rhetorical question.


First, a little background:

This is the neighbor that L ran off to visit twice in one day, without permission. She did it again recently when we had our friends over, and I had walked to a nearby vacant lot for sale, to show an interested party. L secretly tailed me and then detoured to the neighbors' for another unauthorized visit. Of course, we knew to look there first.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. N are both former education administrators and have told me directly, they feel the best place for children is in the classroom, although they grudgingly acknowledge we are doing a good job raising our girls.

They are also the ones stirring up a hornets nest with several other neighbors. I think they are trying to scare residents off in an effort to preserve the island from any future development. Code enforcement and state park officers have been poking around the last couple days in response to several anonymous complaints...

I'm flying under the radar right now when it comes to home schooling. I know, I know better, but that's the way I am sometimes.

I found Mrs. N. sneaking through our yard three days ago. She appeared to be eavesdropping on us.


Well, Mrs. N came over the day before yesterday day and asked, "Now why is it, you suppose, that little one of yours keeps running away?" I had the creepy feeling she was implying some sort of abuse or neglect.

Needless to say, I'm getting back on the radar, quickly.