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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Is it just me?

Or do other people notice this stuff?

Mostly, the laundromat I visit attracts white bread, retired snowbirds. But once in a while you see some really interesting people.

The mother was short, about as big around as she was tall, and braless with enormous, pendulous breasts. While she struggled with the wash, her two daughters, a malnourished yellow and orange haired preteen and her rapper influenced, pantyhose-on-her-head older sister, occupied themselves by rummaging through a box left under the attendant's desk like a couple of rats. They were looking for something to steal, but it was only a box of mismatched, left behind socks, which they left scattered across the floor.

Mama flip-flopped her way to the car, make and model difficult to ascertain under the multiple layers of duct tape, hollerin' for her girls. They backed out and drove away. After about half a minute, I noticed bugs. Hundreds of bugs. Marching toward me and the front door of the laundromat from the now empty parking space. I figured roaches, but, no, they were termites. Termites! Living in their car and shaken loose when the motor started.

These people are out there somewhere, spreading pestilence in their wake.