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Friday, April 09, 2004

If anyone out there happens to be around Fort Lauderdale the weekend of May 1 - 2, don't miss this. Forget about the traffic and crowds, it's worth it.

I love airshows -- don't think I'm getting all soft and patriotic on you -- it has to do with the sheer power and speed of the aircraft. The chance to float out in the water on a beautiful spring day while F-14 Tomcats, F-18 Hornets, 747s, a Harrier, the Stealth Bomber or the Blue Angels cruise right over your head, well, you just can't hardly beat it.

G's mom invites everyone up to her place for this weekend. Her Las Olas condo makes the perfect base to walk over to the beach for the first day's excitement and then watch it again from her living room the next day. The jets fly eye-level right past her balcony. Too cool.

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