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Saturday, May 08, 2004


Wow, I had a really long post about Boston...and it's not here. Boo.

Basically, the first whole day we were here, we visited the Westerly Burying Ground on a tour led by my cousin, BA, who was searching for the graves of two local boys killed in the Civil War as part of a project she's researching. We spent over two hours fascinated by the carvings and epitaphs on the headstones, and were finally successful. Later that day we were given a tour of the neighborhood firestation that my other cousin, B's, husband works at.

The next day, yesterday, we took a picnic lunch up to the Arnold Arboretum with a cousin-in-law, R, also known as "Nature Boy." The "Ahbs" has a large collection of lilacs, and they were in bloom and lovely.

Today, Nature Boy and I took mine, his, and another cousin's child in town to walk the Freedom Trail. We got off to a slow start, and with a long lunch at Durgin Park, found ourselves out of time about three-fourths of the way through. The girls didn't mind that we only stood outside Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church, being that they had closed for the day, because they were having such a fun time simply spending time together.

I have loads of cousins, and they have all spawned loads more. You know how those Irish Catholics are. My cousins were my best friends growing up even though I generally only saw them once a year, at least until I was sent up to live with my aunt through the remainder of my highschool years. My kids have been having a ball with their multitudinous second cousins (12 on one block with more a few streets away) and I am so happy that they will probably end up being as close with them as we, their parents, are. Tonight they are having one more big sleepover before we head out tomorrow for the Cape.

I need to find a Nextel store before we leave though, because my cell phone is dead and I haven't been able to reach G, who is also apparently having connection problems. Must...have...Direct...Connect...