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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mystic and Joisey

Back at my brother's in NJ for the night before departing for Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning. I hope I can at least get a good Internet connection there. The dial-up here is ridiculously slow, but better than Mystic, Connecticut, where I couldn't even find any local access numbers. Grrrrrrr. I have pictures to share, but those will have to wait until I can find a connection that is not so slow that it times-out when I try to purchase an upgrade or upload photos on my host.

Today was fun. Mystic Seaport has many boat building and sailing camps available, and S is genuinely interested. G was most interested in the planetarium there, so we made sure to attend the one program scheduled at 2:00 PM. Besides the host, we were the only three in attendance. He was wonderful, giving us an extra special private show focusing on celestial navigation. I had been looking for something on this subject that was not too dry or technical when we were studying Medieval/Early Renaissance but hadn't any luck. This was perfect. Without ever having had a single formal lesson in astronomy, because I generally take the unschooling approach when it comes to science, my girls know more than I do. I was so proud of them.

Miss Hands-on, S, spent about an hour working on a demonstration loom, weaving. She has tried to do this on her own by stringing yarn across the back of a folding chair, and had some success, but was thrilled to use the real thing.

G flies into Washington to meet us tomorrow evening and we are all very excited to see him.

Gotta go finish some laundry...

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