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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tempus Fugit

See Lynne run. Run, run, run.

It's surprising how quickly this trip is going. We just checked into our hotel in Washington, D.C. and will be here for a few days. Our first tour, for the Library of Congress, begins at 8:30 AM tomorrow. That's one I could skip. At 4:15 PM we're scheduled to see the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The kids and I are excited about that one. A friend of my family, Todd, is in town for the Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony honoring officers killed in the line of duty, and we are planning to hook up with him tomorrow evening for the candlelight service in memory of the officers whose names have been added to the memorial this year.

My younger brother met and became best friends with twins Todd and Bryant Peney, in preschool. Todd became a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer, Bryant did, and so did my brother. My brother is a now a marketing manager for an insurance fraud investigation company, but keeps his law enforcement certification active by riding with the Raiders. His idea of a fun night is busting down the door of a crack house.

Bryant was shot by a man he noticed hiding in bushes as he was returning to the station after his shift ended. His brother and mine responded to the call and were talking and joking with him, up until the time he went into the operating room. The single bullet had entered under his left arm, behind his bulletproof vest, piercing his heart and he died in surgery. It was a horrible shock and the most agonizing funeral I've ever attended.

My brother and Todd were both in attendance the year Bryant's name was added, and they both said it is a ceremony not to be missed.


Hard to believe we are on our way back already. I should have ignored my parents request that they not be gone from home for more than three weeks. One aunt wanted to take us to Lexington and Concord for the day and I'd hoped to have a chance to say hello to another cousin and get some parenting tips from her and her husband, but there just wasn't time. Adding two more days would've made the difference.

My cousin, P, has graduated one son from Georgetown, their older daughter is a junior at Boston College, the younger daughter has been accepted at both Georgetown and BC, and the younger son is right there behind them. She and her husband have done a super job, and they're so much fun to be around. I hope I do as good a job.

What do my parents have on their agenda that's so pressing? Absolutely nothing. These are people who sit around asking each other what time it is, waiting for the mail to arrive. They rotate through the house from couch to couch and TV to TV. It's very depressing, and frankly, a waste of life. They are sitting around waiting to die. I thought this trip might kick them into gear, but I was wrong.

I'm sure they didn't appreciate my little speech about Newton's law of motion.


Can you believe we've been so busy that we missed the final Survivor? Remember now, if Rupert still doesn't get a million as the people's choice, you know what to do.


MY PHONE IS DEAD AGAIN! Yes, I'm screaming. I could put it on the car charger overnight and hope that will help, but my vehicle is deep down in a garage somewhere about four blocks from here [heavy sigh.]

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