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Monday, May 24, 2004

School plans

Wow, the FPEA convention is this coming weekend. I may run up one day, but I'm not planning to buy much, just look around a bit, because I realize that I have most everything I need.

Inspired in part by fellow autodidacts: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin, I'll be making some adjustments to our learning. Jefferson said that the sun never caught him in bed, Washington got most of his work done in the early morning hours, and Ben was constantly occupied. These men had some formal education and then were strong enough characters to take responsibility for their further learning.

Change #1 Get up earlier. Manage time better.

Change #2 Write more. Me and the children.

Change #3 Master Socratic dialogue.

Change #4 Eliminate time on homeschooling boards looking for handholding. Remain confident of my ability. (Of course this means I'll miss out on some of the great controversies you all tend to stir up over there...)

Change #5 Use what I have on hand. Cover the basics. Eliminate busy work.

Change #6 Incorporate more formal art study, learning technique in addition to art history. This, after my artist brother taught S some of the basic proportions for life drawing. She immediately requested a sketch book and spent the majority of our trip sketching away.

That's it. I'm ready to get back to work.

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