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Monday, August 02, 2004

Moving Right Along

I dropped G off this morning to pick up the 24' U-Haul. He drove back east and will return later this week with a truckload of our belongings for our new rental house. Hard to believe he's actually going through with it; we've changed our plans so many times. I'm still a little skeptical and won't call the phone or water company to start our accounts up until I see the house furnished.

L went with him, so the two older girls and I were able to focus on their studies uninterrupted. It really didn't make that much of a difference. For some reason, at 7:15 PM this evening, S has just finished Logic, the last of her assignments for the day.

We need to get the girls' Nextel service online again. I had a panic when I realized, on the mainland, that S and G, who are old enough and responsible enough to be home by themselves for a short period of time, were home by themselves incommunicado. Their cell phone, strictly for emergencies, replaced mine after I waded into the water in an attempt to see if the baby seaturtle I'd rescued would swim, forgetting that my phone was in my pocket, and our phone line is a huge jumble of wires connected to my laptop and the fax, but not our telephone. I grabbed my phone as I went out the door this morning because the weather was horrendous, a small craft warning at least, and I had visions of capsizing on the way back out to the island, all by myself. Fortunately, the girls came up with a contingency plan. They were going to give me until a certain time to return, after which they would both walk over to the neighbors to use their phone. If those neighbors weren't available, they were going to use the spare keys to our nextdoor neighbor's house, who is out of town for several months, and use her phone.

I made it home long before their deadline and everyone was fine, but one of these days you might just see me on the news...

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