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Saturday, August 21, 2004

What kind of psycho goes on vacation, with two children, one of whom is an infant, in an official disaster area? That would be my cousin.

She had planned a trip down from Boston, before her daughter begins school again after Labor Day, several weeks ago and won't let a little thing like a hurricane stop her. She wants to experience the real Florida. She thinks it might be a good lesson for her daughter to see the power of Mother Nature and participate in some community service. That would make this the ideal time to come. They arrive one week from today.

Since we now have electric, water, and phone service restored to the island, it won't be unbearable. The Punta Gorda house, where we will spend their first and last night in town, for its proximity to the highway, is another story. Water and phone are in service there, but no electric. I'm a firm believer that you can easily get by without electricity, but being trapped inside a stiflingly hot, ill-designed box, because the mosquitoes will eat you alive if you dare step outside or open a window, is torture. I'm glad she's coming and happy to inject a bit of reality into her vacation.

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