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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Checking in

I'm on the east coast today, (I'm not worried about any of my Punta Gorda neighbors reading this and looting my house, all the phones lines are out again) taking care of the girls' dental appointments. The good news is: No cavities!

Frances hit us hardest in the wee morning hours Monday as we caught the back end of her. With only about 50 mph winds, the house was rocking back and forth, like riding a train. We felt a few larger gusts that were similar to what I imagine an earthquake feels like. It was hard to imagine how much worse it would have been had we stayed in the house through Charley's 145 mph winds. Our neighborhood experienced a small tidal surge from the river and was briefly underwater but other than that, just another close call.

Hope Tammy in WPB and Anne in CS are doing well (email me if you need any help, guys.)

Better blog when I don't have a line of people standing over my shoulder waiting to use the only functioning computer...

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