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Monday, October 25, 2004

The girls were entertaining us tonight with their version of The Swan - Extreme. The poor unattractive girls were drawn on, and all surgery performed on, our whiteboard. The results are amazing! Then they spoofed hip hop fans.

I remember Billy Crystal's stories about performing for his parents. Please, not that. But they are truly hilarious children.


As part of a check for a hormone imbalance, no facial hair yet thank you, today I took an at-home saliva test. It did require some studying. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fill an entire test tube up with spit? Bubbles don't count. After I packaged it up, it occurred to me that not all deliveries from the UPS man are pleasant.


We have two very cool additions to our menagerie, Oscar and Octavius, tiny little octopi, that the girls discovered inside some conch shells they were collecting yesterday out on the island. Dad was sent out on a mission to purchase and set up an aquarium for studying them. Our current research involves learning the differences between octupi and squid.

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