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Friday, October 22, 2004

Mission accomplished

The older two girls and I enjoyed chaperoning a field trip today for L's school to Hunsader Farm. I had been a tad nervous after learning that we would not be visiting as an entire class and would be drifting around freely in our own little groups. This after offering to accommodate up to four passengers in addition to my own three kids. Visions of suffering a two hour drive with a carload of maniacs, and trying not to lose any during our four hours on site, had me tossing and turning, and then ultimately out of bed much earlier than need be this morning. Fortunately our only passengers were a classmate of L's and the classmate's grandma. So grandma was responsible for her little darling and I was off the hook.

A pony ride-corn maze-circus performance-pumpkin patch-petting zoo-hayride later, and I am ready to dig into that big, heavy box the UPS man left on my doorstep. First up, Climbing Parnassus.

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