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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Poppins Pops In

We met up with Sarah and her family yesterday up at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring, Florida. What a cool little family they are. She and Rainer (pronounced Riner, by the way) are just lovely together and both children are delightful. After a quick picnic, in which we got to taste some of the legendary cookies, I had a cheesecake bar and a bite of a chocolate dipped shortbread, we were off to explore some of the park's trails and boardwalks.

The kids hit it right off and S and G are looking forward to having new penpals.

Here's something you may or may not be aware of:

Blog photos lie. Sarah is taller in real life than she is on her blog. And her kids do not have large amber colored eyes. When I showed my youngest, L, the pictures of Sandra and Matthias over at Poppins, she refused to believe they were the same children she had met.

Speaking of L, the child usually described as Hell on Wheels, she was especially quiet and clingy, telling me she was too tired to walk. Naturally I did not believe her, figuring she was doing her bit to get me to haul her around all day. The view is always so much better perched on someone's back or shoulders. Anyway, the poor thing was asleep in her carseat before we ever left the park. Snoring. Snoring so loudly I couldn't hear the radio. Even with the radio up loud enough to overcome her roaring noise, she still didn't stir.

The day started out a bit dreary, overcast, cool and damp, but by the end it was beautiful, warm and sunny. We Floridians had all our sweaters and warm clothes bundled on and the Manitobans had their warm weather clothes on. I had sat up the night before obsessively picking fuzz balls off L's freshly laundered sweater in preparation for the cooler weather visit with our homeschool friends, because if there's one thing Canadians know, it's sweaters.

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