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Thursday, December 16, 2004


In preparation for our return to the ancients next year, I am collecting and studying loads of information on classical education.

If anybody's interested, here's how it's looking so far:

Classical Writing - Aesop

Began this with both girls last year. Will revisit it and move quickly through it in order to continue with Classical Writing - Poetry, and begin Classical Writing - Homer. These will be used in conjunction with:

Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition

Latina Christiana II and Henle Latin

Saxon 7/6 and Saxon Algebra 1

S will have finished Traditional Logic I by the end of this year. I may move her into Traditional Logic II, although Classical Writing aims to incorporate Traditional Logic I into its next publication, Classical Writing - Diogenes. The books are not long, so if she completes the second book, CW - Diogenes would be a good review and application.

The reading list is still in the works. After I've gone through what I have on hand and compare it with various lists from Memoria Press and their Highlands Latin School (thanks, Steph), Veritas Press, Greenleaf Press, and one I had forgotten but investigated back at the beginning of our homeschool challenge, possibly my favorite, Great Books Academy, which appears to be completely secular. The book lists that would apply from GBA would be in their high school level courses. We may have to adapt some of these.

I would love to enroll the girls in their online Socratic seminars.

Stay tuned for the reading list...

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