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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Field Trips

I'm not big on group field trips. Our homeschool group's last visit to the Calusa Nature Center was pleasant enough, until we got to the planetarium show. Kids were ignoring the instruction of the narrator and strolling around in the pitch black. I kept waiting for the star machine to come crashing down, the universe imploding on itself. There was constant chatter. Someone decided to take some flash photography and another was playing with a flashlight, nearly searing my eyeballs. But that's to be expected, no?

In spite of the usual troubles inherent in group activities, I am definitely not going to miss this one, tentatively planned for the spring. Wannado City is a theme park where kids role play different occupations in a simulated city. The educational value is negligible. The real value comes from observing what the entertainment biz believes are worthy careers for kids. You've got your basic fireman, policeman, doctor, pilot, and nurse. Pretty standard stuff. Then, for the potentially learned, you have archaeologist and reporter. The major source of employment seems to be from the arts and entertainment field: TV Director, Dance Club DJ, Model, Theater Actor, Fashion Photographer, Master of Ceremonies, Theater Director, Prop Master, Wardrobe, Fashion Show Director, Fashion Stylist, Animal Tamer, Boom Operator, Film Director, Film Actor, Radio Station Editor, Sculptor, Camera Operator, Newspaper Photographer, and Fine Arts Painter. For the lower achievers there seems to be quite a few positions available in food service and retail, and if that's not your cup of tea, there's always Hairdresser or Manicurist.

I can't wait!

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