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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Flip flop

Yes, we are a highly irregular lot. If you'’ve been visiting this blog for any length of time now, you are probably tired of reading that we'’ve finally come to a decision about where to live. Imagine what the people who have known us for the past 15 years must think.

After informing friends just yesterday, that we'd decided once and for all, to dump all our finances into improving the island property, keep renting here in Punta Gorda (because it'’s cheaper than building and we need a land base big enough to contain all our junk), and use some additional funds to establish a business for Dad on the island so he can be with us full-time, we found a house on the MLS that works for us.

-- Four bedrooms
-- Right side of town (west of the main road, close to coast)
-- Deeded dock (saves monthly marina rent, fifteen minutes by boat from the island)
-- Not waterfront (no waterfront taxes)
-- Lowest priced property in rapidly appreciating area

-- Ugly
-- Butt ugly
-- Incredibly, cheesy Roman-embellishments-on-orange-50s-ranch-house ugly
-- Dad may have a slight delay in joining us full-time and starting up his new venture

I have an appointment at 4:00 and will be arriving with a deposit check in hand.

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